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"...in that they received the word with all readiness of mind and searched the scriptures daily,

whether those things were so." Acts 17:11

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In this second Q&A episode, Dr. Congdon will answer the question: How can 2 Bible teachers study 1 Bible verse or passage and get 2 totally opposite interpretations or meanings?

This video will teach the correct biblical method of Bible interpretation or hermeneutic. It will show why the Reformed/Calvinistic allegorical method fails to understand the mind of God.

Dr. Congdon will show how to use study helps to properly study your Bible using the literal/normal-historical-grammatical hermeneutic.

Recognizing the decline of Christian influence in our world and the consequent decline of our churches, this series will help you to understand why this is happening, how do you find a solid biblical church, how to study your Bible correctly, how to truly have God speak to you, to your family, and to your church.

We believe this series is vitally needed during the "sunset of the church and the dawn of the Post-Christian world."

How to Study your Bible Series


Dr. Robert Congdon

Director of CMI-TV