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whether those things were so." Acts 17:11

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Spoken by the Prophets - Studies in Matthew

Index of Studies

The Importance of Jesus Christ's Genealogy

Class 1

Are genealogies important? Matthew recognizes the Messiah's genealogy is crucial to presenting Jesus of Nazareth as God and Messiah. This video explains how God cursed Joseph's kingship line and solved the problem by the virgin Mary's blood line. Understanding this was of great importance to the nation of Israel and its acceptance of Jesus as king. It also shows how our God has planned it all from the foundation of the world.

                                                                                                                                                                  45 minutes

The Holy Spirit and the Birth of Jesus Christ

Special Class

This special Christmas Breakfast with Rob examines the agency of the Holy Spirit in the birth or incarnation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dr. Congdon demonstrates the unique miracle of the joining of the divine nature of God with the human nature of man in Jesus Christ. Not only was the Holy Spirit the agent to accomplish this, but this video demonstrates that from conception, the Lord was filled with the Holy Spirit. How much more do we need the filling or control of the Spirit in our life, if the Lord Jesus Christ needed the Holy Spirit empowering Him as well?     19 minutes

The Holy Spirit & Jesus Christ's First 30 Years

Class 2

In this class Dr. Congdon presents a study of the first 30 years of the Lord's earthly life as recorded only by Luke in chapter 2. The development of Jesus in His humanity after the incarnation will be discussed. At 12 years of age, when He was an adolescent, a significant turning point in Jesus' human development took place when He acknowledged God as His Father. How the infinite God-Man, Jesus Christ, depended upon the Holy Spirit to enable Him in His humanity to carry out God's plan and purposes for history provide an example of practical value for the believer to depend upon the Holy Spirit in his or her own life.                                        24 minutes

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Jesus Christ's Public Ministry Begins

Class 3

The Baptism of the Messiah

Class 4

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The Temptation of the Messiah

Class 5

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The Gospel of the Kingdom - pt 1

Class 6

The Gospel of the Kingdom - pt 2

Class 7

The Messiah and Regeneration: What is it?

Class 8

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The Messiah and Signs & Wonders

Class 9

The Millennium and God's Chain of Command

Class 10

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The word, regeneration, occurs in only two passages of the Bible and yet it teaches a significant truth that affects us and our world around us, now and in prophecy. Join Dr. Congdon in a study of this important word.