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whether those things were so." Acts 17:11

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A comparison of Calvinism's major doctrines in light of the Bible and using this comparison, present day New Calvinism's present influence is discussed and then it future influence is extrapolated.

Understanding New Calvinism Series

The Tubling "T" of Calvin's TULIP - Total Depravity                       Dr. Robert Congdon                       60:00

The Tubling "U" of Calvin's TULIP - Unconditonal Election           Dr. Robert Congdon                      58:50

The Tubling "L" of Calvin's TULIP - Limited Atonement                Dr. Robert Congdon                      60:04

The Tubling "I" of Calvin's TULIP - Irresitible Grace                      Dr. Robert Congdon                       57:50

The Tubling "P" of Calvin's TULIP - Perseverance of the Saints  Dr. Robert Congdon                       52:17

New Calvinism: Its Present Influence and Its Future Impact         Dr. Robert Congdon                       52:28

Dr. Robert Congdon examines the validity of Calvin's teaching on Irresistible Grace that is meant for the elect only. He does this by inductively considering what the Bible teaches about the sovereignty of God. Does God's sovereignty require that individuals be pre-chosen for salvation or is there another answer that harmonizes God's sovereignty with His grace.

Dr Congdon examines the present impact of New Calvinism and defines the three divisions within New Calvinism today. He then projects ahead to a possible influence in terms of the 7-year Tribulation discussed in the book of Daniel. This video shows the need to understand the five doctrines of New Calvinism and the role of Puritans in history. It is suggested that viewers watch CMI-TVs series of The Tumbling of Calvinism to better understand what lies behind New Calvinism today.

In this video, Dr. Robert Congdon explains how Calvin's definition of Total Human Depravity does not properly reflect the Bible's use of human depravity. A misunderstanding of human depravity can easily lead people astray and when properly understood, it causes Calvin's TULIP to tumble.

In this video, Dr. Congdon explains why Calvin's definition of Unconditional Election clearly teaches that God elects or chooses individuals who will go to heaven. Individuals He has not chosen are clearly destined for hell.

He then compares Calvin's understanding of "elect" with God's purposes for three elect groups in the Bible: the elect angels, the elect nation of Israel, and the elect church. This analysis determines what election actually means and if Calvin's definition agrees with it.

Dr. Congdon goes on to explain why the biblical context of words such as "elect," "election," and "predestined" must be considered in order to understand their meaning. He points out that these words are never used to indicate salvation of individuals. They are always used in a plural context of groups that have been designated, or set apart, for service to God. He then offers an alternative view that explains how individuals who freely choose to accept Christ's offer of salvation become a part of the elect church that God is conforming to the image of His Son. Learn why the "U" is tumbling and how this is vital to our Christian faith that was once delivered to the saints (Jude 3).

Uniquely, Dr. Robert Congdon offers a biblical definition of unlimited atonement considering the 69 uses found in the Old Testament in addition to the one NT use. Most Calvinists only consider the single New Testament use to support their teaching of a limited atonement. Join Rob as he carefully analyzes both the OT and NT use of atonement to derive a true biblical definition of atonement that shows it to be unlimited.

Fifth in the series comparing Calvin's TULIP doctrines to the Scriptures. Learn why the Bible teaches "preservation" and not "perseverance." You will be surprised to learn Calvin's Perseverance of the Saints does not mean "once saved, always saved."

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