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The Sheep and Goats Judgment of Matthew 25:31-46                 Dr. Robert Congdon                       54:27

The Great White Throne Judgment: All Belivers?                         Dr. Robert Congdon                       60:00

Dr. Congdon shows how the Calvinist's making of the Sheep & Goats Judgment part of the Great White Throne Judgment is wrong. Seen will be a Biblical examination of Matthew 25:31-46 that clearly shows the Sheep & Goat Judgment occurs at the end of the 7-yearTribulation and affects who will enter the Messianic/Millennial 1000-yr Kingdom on earth. This study will, once again, show how Calvinism's Eschatology tumble. This is an in-depth study of Matthew 25:31-46.

Tumbling Calvin's Eschatology

In this video Dr. Congdon contrasts Calvinism's teaching of a single general resurrection for all peoples of history with the Bible's teaching of successive resurrection groups, beginning with Christ, to be followed by Church-Age believers, followed by the two witness of Revelation, followed by the Tribulation Saints, and then the Old Testament Saints.

An understanding of this Resurrection Parade is an essential foundation if we are to understand the biblical teaching concerning the Great White Throne Judgment - for Calvinism teaches that all peoples, believers and unbelievers, with appear before God at the Great White Throne, while the Bible teaches that only unbelievers will be judged. This video demonstrates why Calvinism's eschatology is a product of its TULIP doctrines and does not represent the Bible's teaching.

What does Judgment Day mean to you? Fear, uncertainty, don't know?

In this video Dr. Congdon examines Revelation 20's Great White Throne Judgment. He shows what the Bible teaches as the purpose of it and importantly, who will face this judgment. This study will show the weakness of Calvinism's teaching on the subject and give the true believer joy as they realize they will not face the Great White Throne Judgment.

Tumbling of the Calvinist View of General Resurrection             Dr. Robert Congdon                       58:12