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The Armageddon Campaign - Biblical Prophecy

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Petra Waits for Israel: The Armageddon Campaign Pt. 1

Armageddon - final battle of history? The gathering of the armies of the Antichrist on the plains of Armageddon is the first of eight steps or stages culminating in Jesus Christ's return to the earth to take His position on the throne of David as the King of the 1000-year kingdom (the Millennial Kingdom).

In this first of the series, Dr Congdon explains how biblically, Armageddon is a gathering place, not for a battle, but rather the place for assembling the Antichrist's armies to begin his campaign to prevent the return to the earth of Jesus Christ. Dr Congdon will introduce viewers to the "place" God has prepared for obedient Jewish people, those following God's command in Matthew 24:16, to flee to the wilderness during the last 3 1/2 years of the 7-year Tribulation.

The Gathering at Megiddo: The Armageddon Campaign Pt. 2

In this 2nd video of the series, we answer two key questions about the time of this gathering at Armageddon:

1) What will cause Satan to pull out "all the stops" to annihilate Israel at this particular time in history.

2) what will motivate the Antichrist to turn against Israel and break his covenant with the nation at this time?

This gathering will be Stage 1 of the Campaign of Armageddon and is the second video in the series of in-depth Bible studies on the 8 stages of the Return of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Babylon Waits for God's Destruction: The Armageddon Campaign Pt. 3

As the Antichrist is preparing to attack Jerusalem and the Israelis who fled to Petra, God will destroy the city of Babylon. Yes, there will be a future Babylon based upon a literal (normal) - historical - grammatical hermeneutic (rules of study). This destruction is prophesied in both the Old and New Testament.

Jerusalem waits for the Antichrist: The Armageddon Campaign Pt. 4

This video explains why God uses the 7-year Tribulation to bring Israel to repentance and a permanent return to the Lord. It answers the question: "Why is Jerusalem important to God?" In answering this question we can understand why God allows the Antichrist to siege and capture God's beloved city, Jerusalem. [Correction at 07:28 reference should be Jeremiah and not Zechariah]

The Remnant of Israel waits for Christ: The Armageddon Campaign Pt. 5

In this video, you will learn of Jesus Christ's rescue of the believing remnant of Israel at Petra from the Antichrist's army. This remnant, 1/3 of the Jewish population at the end of the Tribulation, are those who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as their savior. Representing true Israel, in God's mind, they will fulfill the two conditions for God the Father to send God the Son back to the earth to establish His kingdom as He destroys the Antichrist and binds Satan for 1000 years. This is beginning of the 2nd coming of the Lord. For all true believers of the Church-Age, you will want to see this video to better understand your part in the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth.

The Glorious Return of the Lord Jesus Christ: The Armageddon Campaign Pt. 6

In this final session of the series of the Casmpaign of Armageddon, we will see the Glorious Return of the Lord Jesus Christ that begins with His descent from heaven, for all the world to see. He will then progressively move from the destruction of the Antichrist's army at Bozrah/Petra and then moves to outside of Jerusalem to destroy the remaining army. It is then that He will descend to the Mt of Olives and go to the Temple site to begin His 1000-year reign on the earth on the throne of David.