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whether those things were so." Acts 17:11

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Dr. Renald Showers

     Some people ask the question, “What if Israel had believed the gospel of the Kingdom and repented when Jesus Christ was here? Would that have jeopardized the necessity of Christ dying for the sins of the world and, therefore, the salvation of human beings?

     First, the fact that both the Old Testament and Christ Himself foretold Israel’s rejection of Him and His offer of the theocratic Kingdom and His death indicates that these rejections and His death were certainties. Second, even if Israel had believed the gospel of the Kingdom and repented, Christ would have died for the sins of the world.

     If Israel had believed and repented, the nation would have acclaimed Christ as its King. The Roman government would have regarded this action as the beginning of a revolt and undoubtedly would have crucified Him. Then Christ would have risen from the dead, crushed and removed Satan and his kingdom (including the Roman Empire), and established God’s theocratic Kingdom on earth.

     The Israel of Moses’ day did not enter the Promised Land of Canaan because of unbelief. Thus its entrance was postponed for 40 years until the nation of Joshua’s day believed God’s promise. Similarly, the nation of Israel of Christ’s First Coming did not receive the promised theocratic Kingdom because of unbelief. It did not believe His message and the witness of His miracles. Thus God postponed the establishment of that Kingdom until Christ’s Second Coming when the nation of Israel of that day will believe.

The Foundations of Faith, volume one by Renald Showers

Published by the Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry; Bellmawr, NJ 2002; p.183